Restorative Dentistry

How do we fix teeth with- holes or that have broken down or cracked?

Depending on the damage that has occurred, fillings or crowns can be done. This can help resolve pain associated with any damage to the teeth.


We are fortunate today to be able to restore teeth with a range of materials, and not be limited to just dental amalgam or gold. The materials available today best resemble our natural teeth. At Burgundy Street Dental Clinic, we use resin composites which are BPA free and ceramics. These can be used to simply fill cavities, or designed to completely cover or rebuild the biting surfaces of teeth.


Crowns or onlays are normally placed on teeth that are weak, cracked, discoloured or have had root canal treatment. They are a stronger option to fillings and are durable. They can be made from porcelain and/or metal. This appointment normally takes 2 sessions. The first session involves preparation of the tooth and placing a temporary crown. The 2nd session involves removal of the temporary crown and placement of the final crown with a strong cement.

Please remember that if damage to the tooth is close to the nerve, a filling alone may not be sufficient treatment. Depending on the problem, further treatment such as a root canal treatment or crown may need to be considered. We will discuss this with you in detail if this is the case.

We will offer you all your options to choose and advise you on the most ideal treatment for you.

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