Childrens Dentistry

We aim to provide families with a positive experience and a good attitude towards dental health. Good dental health starts from a young age. Regular dental checkups allow us to screen children carefully for dental cavities. We also monitor their dental growth and development, bite and any vulnerable teeth that may have inherent weaknesses in its structure.

Baby teeth, often referred to as ‘milk teeth’, are more susceptible to dental decay as the enamel is thinner in children. Dental decay in children is on the rise and is the most common dental problem. This can be very distressing for the child due to associated pain and infection. This can lead to losing their baby teeth too early, potentially affecting the development of their adult teeth.

Baby teeth in children serve an important role in ensuring they maintain good nutrition, speech and appearance. They also play a role in preserving the space in their jaw that will be needed for their adult teeth. The baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth at different times in their childhood. Early loss of a baby tooth can potentially cause crowding of the adult teeth, requiring more complex treatment in the future to correct this.

Children are still developing proper oral hygiene techniques. A great emphasis is placed on educating families about good oral hygiene and a dental friendly diet. Frequent snacking and a diet high in sugar and acid increases the risk of dental cavities. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hidden sugars in foods and drinks these days, particularly processed foods and drinks. It is important to have set meals and in moderation. We encourage children to rinse their mouth with water after meals and to drink water frequently.

As children start to develop their first adult molars, we screen them to check their vulnerability to dental decay. We offer fissure sealants to help protect back teeth with deep pits and grooves from developing dental decay. The adult first molars usually erupt around 6-7 years of age. Remember, not all back teeth need them.

Don’t get lazy with your chompers! Unfortunately we can’t replace a lost tooth within a day like sharks. We only get 2 sets, so it’s best we look after them.

Your child may be eligible for $700 worth of dental funding through the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) by the Australian Government. It covers examinations, cleans, preventive fissure sealants, certain xrays, fillings and extractions. Please call us to see if your child is eligible for the scheme.