Pregnancy and Dentistry

We stress the importance of maintaining good dental health and attending regular checkups and cleans even during pregnancy. It is best to have X-rays and any necessary dental treatment completed prior to pregnancy.

We try to keep dental treatment to a bare minimum unless emergency dental treatment is required.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the gums. Pregnant women may sometimes find their gums bleed easily, have sore gums or even develop gum lesions or lumps.

Pregnancy cravings can sometimes see patients indulging in sugary foods. Keep a close eye on this as decay risk can be increased as a result.

Morning sickness, particularly vomiting can damage teeth. If this happens, rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible.

Ensure that any dental issues that were not dealt with due to pregnancy are managed promptly to prevent it from getting worse.

Remember, practicing good oral hygiene and consuming a healthy diet will go a long way in ensuring good dental health in the long term.

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