Anxious about Dentistry?

We understand that the last place that people want to be is at the dentist, particularly due to dental anxiety or nervousness. We perform dental procedures in a gentle manner and at your own pace. We listen to your dental needs and concerns and help you with being able to have treatment done in as relaxed a manner as possible. We can discuss ways to help ensure you are as comfortable as possible with your treatment.

A lot of people dread needles. At Burgundy Street Dental Clinic, we use numbing creams first and we also have a gentle way to administer local anaesthetic using a technology called “The Wand”. A lot of patients are very comfortable with it. Even listening to your headphones or music in our surgery can provide a good distraction and help to relax you as much as possible.

We have also engaged with services from Sleep Safely who are qualified specialist anaesthetists that perform IV dental sedation services for your dental treatment. It is ideal for those who are highly anxious of dentistry or even had a previous traumatic dental experience. Sleep Safely will help patients achieve a state of relaxation through IV sedation. Patients may have little or no recollection of the dental treatment. Some of this service can be claimed by Medicare and also by your private health fund, depending on your level of cover.

If this is of interest to you, please contact us for a consultation and for further information.