Replacing Missing Teeth

When there is space in the jaw, neighbouring teeth can drift, tilt and even over-erupt (this can look quite unsightly).

The bite can also change which can increase your risk of dental decay due to difficulties cleaning well. Jaws can become sore and gums can also become inflamed. We can offer a variety of options to help restore your smile and improve your chewing capacity by replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

Braces or Invisalign

could be utilised to close the space (depending on the size, of course)


Dental implants are the closest tooth replacement option to natural teeth. It is a replacement with an artificial “root” (titanium implant) usually placed in the jaw bone by a specialist. Once it has healed and integrated into the bone, a crown can be placed over the implant. The technology behind implants has come along way and if maintained well, they can last a long time. It can be an aesthetically pleasing and no-fuss way to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. It can be easier to clean than other replacement options. More >


This involves replacing a missing tooth/teeth by anchorage on one or more neighbouring teeth. Crowns are placed on the neighbouring teeth which support a fake tooth/teeth in the gap. This can be made from porcelain and/or metal. This procedure usually requires 2 sessions. The first session involves preparation of the teeth and a mould is taken of this preparation. A temporary bridge is placed. The 2nd session involves removal of the temporary bridge. The permanent bridge is cemented with a strong glue. More >


This is a removable option and the cheapest option to replace missing tooth or teeth. They can be made in metal or plastic. Partial dentures are available where the prosthesis is clipped on to neighbouring teeth. Full dentures are made for people with no teeth in a dental arch. They should not be worn when sleeping. Meticulous denture hygiene and oral hygiene is important to reduce dental decay and gum disease as much as possible. More >

All our prostheses (except for Invisalign) are made in laboratories in Australia.

If you have missing teeth and would like to replace them, please contact us for a consultation or call on 03 9459 4297.